An illustration depicting U.S. money and the various ways we save or spend it, including on food, travel, transportation, entertainment, and more.
Credit: Illustration by Emilia Brock

Wednesday on Political Rewind: We all know that the pandemic has had a profound impact on our buying habits — from how we shop for groceries to the services we use to stream new movies at home; from the sticker shock that awaits us as we shop for a new (or even used) car to the soaring price of houses.

The travel industry is only now coming back to life. But can you feel safe booking a cruise? Flights are full again, but do you want to fly on an airplane with every seat filled?

We get answers to these questions and much more from one of the country’s most highly respected voices of consumer advocacy: Clark Howard. For four decades, Howard has been a ubiquitous presence, guiding us to make better, smarter financial decisions.


Clark Howard — Financial and consumer advocate, host of The Clark Howard Show Podcast, New York Times best-selling author