An illustration of a peachtree with a moneybag in it.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB News

Thursday on Political Rewind: Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia legislators find themselves determining how to spend unexpected state revenues over the next year. Despite the pandemic, Georgia tax collections reached a record $3.2 billion in the recently ended fiscal year. How to best appropriate that surprising windfall will likely become a hot political issue in 2022's election campaigns.

Cases of COVID-19 are ticking upward in largely rural areas of Georgia where vaccination rates are lagging. What will it take to break down vaccine resistance that is widespread among Republicans particularly?

Also: Former President Donald Trump sent a new warning shot across the bow of Georgia Republicans who fail to pay him fealty. He declared he will not support any candidate who has not voiced support for lawsuits challenging the results of Georgia’s presidential election.


Kevin Riley — Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rep. Debbie Buckner — State Representative (D-Junction City)

Mariela Romero — Community Empowerment Director, Univision

Heath Garrett — Republican Consultant