An illustration of paper falling over a screen showing a vote on a bill.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB News

Wednesday on Political Rewind: On the final day of the Georgia legislative session, key bills remain on the table.

Will the overhaul of the state’s citizen’s arrest law — sparked by the 2020 shooting of Ahmaud Arbery — win final approval? Will cities and counties be banned from cutting their police budgets by 5% or more? And are legislators likely to approve a measure that would give Georgians the chance to vote on the legalization of sports betting?

Plus, a district court judge has opened the door making it easier for third party candidates to run for federal office in Georgia. What does that mean for expanding your choices on election day?


Dr. Alan Abramowitz — Professor of Political Science, Emory University

Fred Smith — Professor of Constitutional Law, Emory University

Patricia Murphy — Political Reporter and Columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Greg Bluestein — Politics Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution