A mother and daughter stand by a memorial outside of the Gold Spa.

Mallory Rahman and her daughter Zara Rahman, 4, who live nearby, pause after bringing flowers to the Gold Spa massage parlor in Atlanta, Wednesday afternoon, March 17, 2021, the day after eight people were killed at three massage spas in the Atlanta area. Authorities have arrested 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long in the shootings at massage parlors in Atlanta and one in Cherokee County.

Credit: Ben Gray, AP

Friday on Political Rewind: President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris originally planned today’s visit to Atlanta as an opportunity to tout the COVID-19 relief package. Instead, they are taking a more somber track. The pair will meet with leaders of the Asian community here to mourn the victims of the recent shootings in metro Atlanta.

We discussed the visit with state Rep. Sam Park, who will be in that meeting.

Also, the contentious debate over proposed changes to how Georgia votes continues at the state Capitol. It appears supporters of the changes may be ready to abandon two of the most controversial measures: an end to no-excuse absentee balloting, and the elimination of Sunday early voting.

A week remains in the session, and the fate of the myriad of proposed restrictions remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, lawmakers moved one step closer to approving a bill that will allow for even more money to be poured into political campaigns.


Rep. Sam Park — State Representative (D-Lawrenceville)

Patricia Murphy — Political Reporter and Columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tia Mitchell — Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Leo Smith — Republican Consultant and President, Engaged Futures Group