Students sit at rows of desks in a classrooms.
Credit: Alvaro Barrientos, AP

Thursday on Political Rewind: Few areas of our lives during the pandemic have been as fraught with anxiety and uncertainty as our schools.

As the virus rages through communities across Georgia, school systems have struggled to open classroom doors to students.

Many fear the risks they take leading in-person classes, while parents struggle to balance their hopes of getting their children back to normal school life with concerns the virus will be brought home.

Now, Gov. Brian Kemp may be preparing to include teachers and other staff in the ranks of those eligible to be vaccinated in the weeks ahead.

Are we ready for school life to resume normally? And at what cost?


Maureen Downey — Education Columnist, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tracey Nance Pendley — Georgia Teacher of the Year, Atlanta Public Schools Fourth-Grade Teacher

Dr. Sarah Vinson — Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Kevin Riley — Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution