An older women receives a vaccine shot from a medical professional.
Credit: Alessandra Tarantino, AP Photo

Monday on Political Rewind: One year ago, the first coronavirus-related death was reported in the United States. Now, the death toll stands at a sobering 450,000 people, with almost 14,000 here in Georgia.

There are signs things are getting better. The spread of the virus appears to be slowing for now, and vaccinations are slowly rolling out across the country. But there are worrying developments, too. Highly contagious variants of the virus have emerged that threaten to throw a wrench into vaccination efforts.

Our panel weighed in on where we stand now in putting this pandemic behind us. When will more vaccine reach Georgia? And who will have access to the shots? Our guests offered answers to some of the most common questions you are asking.


Dr. Carlos del Rio — Executive Associate Dean, Emory School of Medicine and Grady Health system

Dr. Harry Heiman — Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Behavioral Sciences with Georgia State University School of Public Health

Ariel Hart — Health Policy Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution