A side-by-side shot of author Molly Ball and her book Pelosi.
Credit: Tim Coburn

Tuesday on Political Rewind: Nancy Pelosi was first elected to the U.S. House in 1987. Two decades later, she was the first woman to be elected Speaker of the House. And in the past few years, she became both a liberal icon and an increasingly polarizing figure as she battled President Donald Trump over a number of issues during his time in office.

Molly Ball, national political correspondent for TIME and now author of a new biography called Pelosi, joined Political Rewind to discuss Pelosi's character and career, as well as her rise to power and prominence in the U.S. Congress.


Molly Ball — Author of Pelosi and national political correspondent, TIME 

Tamar Hallerman — Senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Patricia Murphy — Lead political writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution