An illustration of the capitol sinks in the ocean.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB News

Wednesday on Political Rewind: We ask two former U.S. senators about the state of our democratic institutions. As we come to the end of the Trump era, just how fragile is the American experiment in democracy? 

Former Sen. Gary Hart and former U.S. Rep. Richard “Dick” Gephardt are members of a bipartisan election integrity organization called Keep Our Republic, which seeks to strengthen democracy through targeted electoral reform. They map out the challenges that began developing before the time of President Donald Trump, and how meaningful political and communication reform can help propel us forward, and protect the fundamental values upon which the United States is built.


Sen. Gary Hart — Former U.S. Senator (Colorado), member of Keep Our Republic

Rep. Richard “Dick” Gephardt — Former U.S. Representative (Missouri), member of Keep Our Republic