Voters cast their ballots inside a polling location in the northern suburbs of Macon.

Voters cast their ballots the morning of the runoff from the precinct at the Howard Community Club in the northern suburbs of Macon.

Credit: Grant Blankenship, GPB News

Today on Political Rewind: On the eve of today’s runoff election, President-elect Joe Biden urged Georgians gathered at the old Turner Field to turn out today for Democrats Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump warned his supporters in Dalton of the dangers of not voting.

Many analysts say the Republican Party needs massive turnout today to counter a lead built by Democratic early voters. Our panel weighs in on this crucial election.


Tamar Hallerman — Senior Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dr. Audrey Haynes — Professor of Political Science, University of Georgia

Tia Mitchell — Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Dr. Karen Owen — Professor of Political Science, University of West Georgia