Ballots are counted at a series of tables inside of a large room in Savannah, Georgia.

Chatham county officials count ballots Thursday afternoon near Savannah, Ga.

Credit: Emily Jones, GPB News

Thursday afternoon on Political Rewind: Eyes watch Georgia from around the country as the counting of ballots continues.

Less than 5% of the state's record 1.3 million absentee-by-mail votes cast in the election need to be processed and tabulated.

All absentee ballots left were received before the deadline of 7 p.m. Tuesday, but different counties with different staffing levels took different amounts of time to handle the processing and counting.

In the race for Senate, the possibility of both Georgia's seats heading to runoff also increases as counting continues.

Our panel of insiders and experts will break down the latest from the races and results.


Stephen Fowler — Politics reporter, GPB News

Patricia Murphy — Politics reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Amy Steigerwalt — Professor of political science, Georgia State University