A sign outside of a polling location guides voters inside.
Credit: LM Otero, AP

Wednesday on Political Rewind: The first presidential debate featured a fiery, raucous back-and-forth that some critics say lacked substantial discussion on policy issues. Where do we stand now following the first matchup of the candidates?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Tia Mitchell said the chaos was partly to blame on the debate's format.

"I think the moderator failed to anticipate how bad it would get," she said. "So Chris Wallace did not have any other options but to talk over them, and that didn't work."

Also: the latest developments in the slate of consequential Georgia elections.


Alan Abramowitz — Professor of Political Science, Emory University

Greg Bluestein — Politics Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Andra Gillespie — Professor of Political Science, Emory University

Tia Mitchell — Washington Correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution