Secoriea Turner, the 8-year-old girl shot to death July 4 near the burned-down Wendy's in Atlanta, had nothing to do with ongoing protests against police brutality, her family's lawyers say.

At a news conference Monday, Secoriey Williamson, the girl's father, begged for anyone with information to come forward. He even played to the conscience of his daughter's killer, pleading with the shooter to come forward.

"You will not be labeled as a snitch; you'll be labeled as a hero because you're doing what's right," Williamson said. "I would do the same for your child."Attorneys for the family of Secoriea Turner are hosting a community canvas Tuesday July 14 in Atlanta. GPB's Ellen Eldridge reports.

Charmaine Turner, the girl's mother, wept openly as she described a woman in a black shirt who recorded some of the violence that night. 

"I had to watch my baby take her last breath in front of me," Turner said breathlessly. "Please help me."

Attorneys for the family are hosting a community canvassing at 11 a.m. Tuesday. The meetup is at the Dunbar Neighborhood Center 477 Windsor St. in southwest Atlanta's Mechanicsville community.

"We may not be able to restore this family's sense of peace, but we can bring the people responsible to justice," attorney Robert Bozeman said. "The police have looked. Now it's our time to start looking."

Atlanta police have cleared one person of interest and distributed images of a second person of interest.

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The combined reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction is now $50,000.