While online scams are always a danger, malware attacks and phishing schemes have found a new opportunity with coronavirus. Millions of Americans are now working and learning from home, without the protections — or IT help — found in most offices and schools. And in some countries, the virus has upped the ante on government surveillance of online activity. Alfred Ng, senior reporter at CNET News, and Brendan Saltaformaggio, assistant professor at Georgia Tech, talk about the concerns around data privacy and security that have developed alongside the coronavirus pandemic. 

 "On Second Thought" for Friday, Mar. 27, 2020.

Love Beyond Walls founder Terence Lester has had to quickly figure out how to best serve the homeless population in Atlanta in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. He joined the show to share more about his nonprofit’s decision to create hand-washing stations around Atlanta to help protect some of the city’s most vulnerable citizens  — and highlighted the ways in which people experiencing homelessness have been “social distancing” since well before the pandemic. 

Ellen and Chase Brown were set to get married this weekend. But then, the rapid spread of the coronavirus across Georgia and the nation threatened to jeopardize their nuptials. Still, the couple — and their families — were determined to tie the knot before the courts shut down. Chase and Ellen Brown and the mother of the groom, Kathryn Brown, joined the show to tell their story of how they pulled together a wedding in less than 24 hours.

With millions of Americans social distancing and quarantining, people are turning to the internet for just about everything from exercise tutorials to church services to, of course, arts and entertainment. Developments in “quarantainment” are already changing how — and what — we stream. On Second Thought invited Kelundra Smith, a theatre critic and arts journalist, and Jason Evans, a film and television critic, to discuss these changes, and provide their own recommendations of what to watch.

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