If music is a universal language, then OneBeat has diplomacy down. It’s a group of 25 emerging musicians from around the world who collaborate on writing, producing and performing original music. They also tour select cities. A few of the members, Farid Ghannam, a singer, Ming Qi, a synthesist, Rodney Barretto, a percussionist and Free Feral, a string player and composer, stopped by the studio to talk to On Second Thought.

On Second Thought for Friday, Oct. 4, 2019

The town of Shellman, Ga., will celebrate Boudleaux Bryant on Oct. 11 and 12. Bryant and his wife, Felice, were a legendary songwriting team, featured in the new Ken Burns’ documentary, Country Music. Their son, Del Bryant, is now president and CEO emeritus of BMI. He’ll attend the rural festival to honor his parents. Virginia Prescott will interview him live on stage during the event, but you can hear a preview of that conversation with On Second Thought.

Beverly “Guitar” Watkins recently passed at age 80. Revisit a Two Way Street conversation with the great blues guitarist.

Freshen up on your library when Frank Reiss and Emmy Charmichael from Atlanta’s A Capella Books add to our Southern Reading List.

Forget about the smackdown; the smacktalk is even better. Step into the ring with drag performers in a wrestling audio postcard.


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