In medical situations, it weighs heavily on doctors and nurses when they are unable to save a life. So, what happens when the decision is not what treatment to give, but who gets treatment at all?

Associate Director of the Emory University Center for Ethics and Director of the Center's Program in Health Sciences and Ethics Kathy Kinlaw and Assistant Professor of Bioethics at New York University’s Langone Health Brendan Parent explain the ethical considerations of triage decisions — and the emotional impact they can have on medical staff.

 "On Second Thought" for Friday, April 17, 2020.

Recovery researchers and specialists urge people trying to recover from alcohol and drug abuse disorders to avoid isolation, which leave those who depend on 12-step meetings especially vulnerable under shelter-at-home guidelines.

The Georgia Council on Substance Abuse estimates that some 800,000 Georgians are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Jeff Breedlove, chief of communications and policy for the Council, joined On Second Thought to talk about his concerns for people trying to stay sober through social distancing, and how to best support them.

Somewhere South is a new six-part series on PBS, hosted by Chef Vivian Howard. In the show, Howard explores the people, dishes and traditions that define a new American South. The series premiered on Friday, March 27 – but on Friday, April 24, the series takes viewers to Clarkston, Georgia, to speak with a group of Burundi refugee farmers.

Howard joined On Second Thought to share more about the series, as well as explain how she's addressing challenges brought on by coronavirus.

With shelter-in-place orders in effect across the state, local movie theatres have had to halt their reels, stop popping popcorn, and close up shop. How are Georgia’s independent and arthouse cinemas surviving, and innovating, now that their silver screens have gone dark?

We heard from Pamela Kohn, executive director of Ciné in Athens, and Christopher Escobar, owner of Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre and executive director of the Atlanta Film Society.

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