When Atlanta hosted the 1996 Olympics, terror struck. In the rush for justice, the wrong man was presumed guilty. “Mistaken: The Real Story of Richard Jewell” follows Jewell’s descent from hero to villain in the court of public opinion. Hear this On Second Thought special broadcast featuring interviews with Kent Alexander, U.S. Attorney for the northern district of Georgia at the time of the 1996 Olympics, journalist, Kevin Salwen and Tom Johnson, former head of CNN.

On Second Thought for Friday, Dec. 13, 2019.

Ahead of the release of the film Richard Jewell, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has demanded a public statement from Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. acknowledging that some events in the film “were imagined for dramatic purposes.” William Lee, journalism professor at UGA, and Michael Chaney, film and TV professor at SCAD, join On Second Thought to discuss what it takes to win a defamation suit and the differing legal standards for art and journalism.


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