News continues to swirl around the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. On Second Thought takes a look at the constitutional foundations of impeachment with Buckner F. Melton Jr., professor of history and political science at Middle Georgia State University and author of The First Impeachment

On Second Thought for Monday, Oct. 28, 2019.

A recent study from Georgia State University looks at the biological impacts of racism, and how early exposure can contribute to aging and depression. Assistant Professor of Psychology, Sierra Carter, explains the life-long psychological and physiological effects this stressor can have. 

Learn about the spooky, surreal and southern aesthetic of photographer Clarence John Laughlin — the "Father of American Surrealism." On Second Thought gains insight on the exhibition from the Director of Museum Programs for The Historic New Orleans Collection, John Lawrence and Associate Curator of Photography for the High Museum of Art, Gregory Harris.


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