The list of officer-involved deaths is long, and have revived questions about law enforcement reform.  On Second Thought spoke with Civil Rights Attorney, Chris Stewart, and former DeKalb County Director of Public Safety, Cedric Alexander, to discuss why these incidents continue to take place and what efforts are being take to reform the system.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019

It’s been about ten months since Governor Brian Kemp took office — with a pledge to lift-up rural Georgia. Now, he has launched a 'Rural Strike Team', designed to boost economic development across the state. Georgia Public Broadcasting political reporter Stephen Fowler spoke with Governor Kemp in southeast Georgia for more details.

Co-host of GPB’ s A Seat at the Table, Denene Millner, is launching a new podcast, Speakeasy with Denene. Millner joined On Second Thought to discuss her life, new experiences, and the sharing of stories used to enlighten other’s. Catch a sneak peak of Speakeasy with Denene as each episode incorporates a code word meant to unlock your ability to “dig deep into the beauty of blackness and all of its manifestation.”


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