This week held playoffs for both the Braves and Atlanta United, but for the fans it is not only about wins and losses. On Second Thought delves into the psychology of Atlanta fandom with psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Seth Norrholm.

On Second Thought for Friday, Oct. 11, 2019

When the federal government forcibly removed the Wyandotte Nation from Ohio in 1843, the tribe gave three acres of its sacred land to the United Methodist Church to protect and maintain. Today, the land includes the original 19th Century Mission Church as well as a Christian cemetery and a Native American burial ground. During a recent ceremony, the church formally returned the deed to the land back to the nation. Learn more from Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Rickey Bevington.

New models of voting machines were on display at the Georgia State Fair, GPB politics reporter Stephen Fowler stopped to see them in action.

Like many states, Georgia has dozens of “dead” malls that no longer have active stores and customers. Researcher Ellen Dunham-Jones studies what communities do with such facilities. On Second Thought finds out how some Georgia communities and mall owners are innovating in the modern retail era and what others might learn from them.


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