Anotonio Johnson is a photographer and among the contributors for Pop-Up Zine Atlanta. Johnson's project, You Next, aims to capture the sense of community and transformative power of the black barbershop across America.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, Oct. 2 , 2019

The Morehouse School of Medicine had planned to use a $500,000 grant to create The Center for Excellence on Maternal Mortality, but funding cuts might curtail that plan. Find out what the center hopes to accomplish as we discuss it's furture with Dr. Natalie Hernandez. 

Learn about the challenges rural pregnant women face when seeking OB/GYN care, and the changes that Dr. Keisha Callins proposes to make maternal care a more hollistic practice.

A growing consumer movement is re-evaluating the social and environmental impacts of the global clothing trade. Slow Fashion Symposium organizer Melissa Gallagher explain the origins of the "slow" fashion movement and the strides it's making in creating a more sustainable fashion world.


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