Senator David Perdue has a new plan to create a clearinghouse of information to help schools enhance security, and Senator Isakson has a new bill that would fund research of mass violence at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Join the director of Georgia State University’s Center for School Safety, School Climate and Classroom Management, Kristen Varjas, and Executive Director of Safe Havens International, Michael Dorn, for a discussion of the plans and the issues that surround them.

On Second Thought for Monday, Sept. 30, 2019

Earlier this year, Rolling Stone called Georgia’s own Deerhunter “one of the great guitar bands of the 21st century.”  Find out what drummer and co-founder Moses Archuleta adds to our Georgia Playlist.

Grammy-winning jazz saxophonist David Sanchez is Puerto Rican, but, has claimed Atlanta as his home.  Sanchez is currently an artist-in-residence at Georgia State University. Explore his career with On Second Thought, along with his new record, Carib.

Today concludes #GPBLovesMusic month. Join three Georgia public broadcasting staffers as they each attend a different Georgia concert on the same night. 


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