Vaping is under fire after a series of deaths and crackdowns on flavors, said to attract children to smoking. The new vaping flavors contain nicotine salts, which deliver nicotine more quickly through the body, increasing the likelihood of addiction. The effects of electronic cigarettes on school-age children have been reported as the cause of eight deaths so far.  On Second Thought speaks with Dean of GSU’s College of Public Health, Michael Eriksen, on the latest news and developments.

On Second Thought for Monday, Sept. 23, 2019

A GoFundMe campaign helped Atlanta mom, India Jackson, to persue her dreams by going to the prestigious NASA summer internship in Texas. India shared her story with On Second Thought before she left, and then stopped back by the show after her summer in Houston. 

Georgia Public Broadcasting TV continues their Georgia Country Connections series with a postcard of Lyn Avenue, a country music duo in Savannah.  Hear them perform and discuss their music. 

Celebrate #GPBLovesMusic with singer-songwritter Elise Witt and meet a choir of refugees using music to learn English.


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