The "On Second Thought" team celebrates their one-year anniversary.

The "On Second Thought" team celebrates their one-year anniversary. / GPB

One year ago, today, On Second Thought was relaunched with a whole new staff.

To celebrate the anniversary, the whole team joined Virginia in the studio to share a guest or conversation that surprised or delighted them.

The team of On Second Thought shares their favorite moments from the past year.

La’Raven Taylor, the show’s most veteran producer, shared an interview with Tayari Jones. Jones is a best-selling author, but still loves to go to The Waffle House with her family when she’s in Atlanta.

Emilia Brock picked the interview with Floyd Martin. Martin is best known as the adored mailman who recently retired, but in his spare time he is an activist.  

The newest addition to the team, Pria Mahadevan, chose the segment on Paul Arguin and Chris Taylor. The married couple are CDC scientists and the creators of a pie cook book.

Jake Troyer picked a segment with Mary Beth Meehan, the artist behind Seeing Newnan.

The show’s senior producer, Amy Kiley highlighted a member of our team: Jesse Nighswonger. Nighswonger is the show’s audio engineer who goes above and beyond for the show.

Finally, Virginia chose an interview with Tena Clark. The music producer defied racism and shared an advance remix of Aretha Franklins Christmas record.


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