Pop-Up Zine Atlanta

Pop-Up Zine Atlanta

Cities are dynamic things – and Atlanta is certainly one of them. Atlanta has catapulted from a regional city to an international metropolis in a generation. The city has been called the “capital of the new South,” “the South’s Black mecca,” “a city in a forest,” and “hip-hop’s new center of gravity.” The antithesis of homogenous, Atlanta resists being summarized or captured in a single phrase or place. 

In many ways, the city is a perfect setting for Pop-Up Zine Atlanta, where stories are told on-stage in a camera-free zone, with no recordings, photos, tweets or posts.

On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott speaks with Floyd Hall, Hannah Palmer, and Antonio Johnson.

Pop-Up Zine Atlanta is a local off-shoot of the “performed journalism” made popular by Pop-Up Magazine. Instead of sitting down alone and leafing through a magazine, a variety of “articles” are performed for a shared audience in that moment and then — poof — they’re gone.

On Second Thought spoke with cultural producer, writer and documentarian Floyd Hall, the driving force behind Pop-Up Zine Atlanta. Hannah Palmer and Antonio Johnson also joined the conversation as contributors to the event. Pop-Up Zine takes place at Windmill Arts Center in East Point on Tuesday, Oct. 8.


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