Georgia State University students studying to be sports and entertainment lawyers have a new course available to them: The Legal Life of Ludacris.  GSU law professor Moraima "Mo" Ivory took On Second Thought back to school with a look at why the Georgia superstar’s career is a window into contract law.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019

The Smithsonian Institute's new traveling exhibit, "Crossroads: Change in Rural America," is in Thomaston, Georgia, before it will head to five other communities.  Robbie Davis, director of the Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street program, and Lori Smith, president of the Thomaston-Upson Chamber of Commerce, explained the collaboration. 

Dad’s Garage has been excelling at improv comedy for years, and now it’s teaching the performers of tomorrow how it’s done.  To talk about it, Kevin Gillese, Dad’s Garage artistic director; Kirsten King, youth programs director at Dad’s Garage; and teaching assistant Tanner Byle stopped by the show.  They brought youth actor JD Rausch, who performed some improv right on On Second Thought with help from his T.A.


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