On this edition of Political Rewind, in the wake of Johnny Isakson’s surprise decision to retire, two U.S. Senate seats are now on the ballot in Georgia in 2020. As Republicans and Democrats engage in complex maneuvering to benefit in the aftermath of Isakson’s announcement, we’ll take a behind the scenes look at the races for each seat.

Former Georgia Governor and current Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is working to convince farmers they will eventually benefit from President Trump’s aggressive trade wars. But will they remain loyal to the president if their overseas markets continue to dry up? Our panel weighs in.

Plus, a metro Atlanta county will test voting with hand marked ballots in municipal elections this fall. If Georgia’s new computer machines aren’t ready for action next spring, will voters across the state cast ballots by hand?



Buddy Darden -- Former US Congressman (D)

Jim Galloway -- Lead Political Writer, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Karen Owen -- Political Science Professor, University of West Georgia

Eric Tanenblatt -- Republican Strategist