Hip-hop is often singled out for not having a great track record when it comes to the objectification of women, but research seeks to shine a new light on the genre. As we kick off Music Month on Georgia Public Broadcasting, hear from Lakeyta Bonnette-Bailey and Nadia Brown, two researchers examining political rap’s influence on feminist attitudes.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019

Atlanta author Laurel Snyder's newest novel for middle-grade readers, My Jasper June, follows the friendship of two 13-year-old girls through the revelation that one of them is homeless. Snyder joined On Second Thought for a look at writing about real-world issues for a younger audience.

In Atlanta, the organization Foreverfamily helps strengthen the bonds between incarcerated parents and their children. Foreverfamily's founder and national president, Sandra Barnhill, shared with On Second Thought how the organization uses programming and visitation to help families stay together even when they are physically apart.


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