The story of barbecue is the story of American history and traditions — or so says author Jim Auchmutey.  Just in time for Labor Day weekend, On Second Thought talks to Auchmutey about his book, Smokelore: A Short History of Barbecue in America.

On Second Thought for Friday, Aug. 30, 2019

Caroline Ervin and Cristen Conger made a splash with their How Stuff Works podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You.

Now, the Georgia duo has transitioned to entrepreneurship with a company called Unladylike Media.  The two host a weekly, feminist podcast that shares their company’s name.  Caroline says it is, “where we investigate what happens when women break the rules.”

Along with the podcast, they also have a book out called, Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and Claiming Your Space. Caroline and Cristen talked feminism and journalism with On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott.

Squidbillies is one of the longest running shows on the Atlanta-based Adult Swim Network. The animated series follows a family of “anthropomorphic mud squids” in the Blue Ridge mountains of north Georgia. Ahead of its 12th season premiere, Chuck Reece of The Bitter Southerner podcast spoke to co-creators, Jim Fortier and Dave Willis. He also talked to Nashville-based singer, Elizabeth Cook at GPB. To hear more of their conversation, subscribe to The Bitter Southerner podcast.

A quick skim through the morning paper or scroll through news networks can quickly turn depressing. Stand-up comedy can offer an outlet for people to take a mental health break and enjoy a much-needed laugh. Jamie Bendall, who owns The Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, says laughter continues to be one of the best ways to cope with issues in society.


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