A stretch of I-85 in southwest Georgia is a proving ground for technologies that could make such roadways ecologically sustainable. Allie Kelly, executive director of The Ray, visits On Second Thought to talk about the road renovations.

The lack of affordable housing is a hot topic in Georgia cities. The median home price in Georgia is on track to nearly double from 2012 in the coming years. GPB’s Ross Terrell asked Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson about gentrification and regulation and how it affects many facets of Georgians including veterans and minorities.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, July 31, 2019

She hits the recording studio before heading out on tour, but Ansley Oakley stands out from other musicians in that she’s just a kid. Meet her and hear how she balances her artistry with school and childhood.

Ted Turner has impacted Georgia from news to restaurants to baseball and beyond. He was the founder of CNN and even though he sold his company years ago he’s still involved in one aspect of it. Learn about his legacy in the CNN Fellowship.

Former CNN President Tom Johnson reflect on meeting Ted Turner and taking the reins of his news network.

Hear Yacht Rock Revue singer Nicholas Niespodziani’s additions to our Georgia playlist, and find out why one of his picks makes him think of CNN founder Ted Turner.


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