It’s Shark Week on Discovery channel. Mark it with a look at these captivating fish along Georgia’s coast.

On Second Thought is joined by Paulita Bennett-Martin, Campaign Organizer at Oceana; Bryan Fluech, Associate Director of UGA’s Marine Extension and Georgia’s Sea Grant; and James Glancy, Discovery Channel Host.

On Second Thought for Monday, July 29, 2019.

Join Indigo Girls’ Amy Ray as she adds to our Georgia Playlist.

Evolutions in Georgia’s commercial fishing industry have left multi-generational fishers struggling to make ends meet.  It’s also cut at the heart of what’s traditionally been an economic driver in small coastal towns.  Hear stories of long-time Georgia fishers featured in a new oral history project.

On Second Thought is joined by Georgia Southern University anthropology professor Jennifer Sweeney Tookes and University of Georgia Marine Extension associate director Bryan Fluech, who are leading a team of anthropology students in compiling 

"Fishing Traditions and Fishing Futures: Oral Histories of Commercial Fishing in Georgia."


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