Georgia’s energy supply is getting greener. Every three years, the Public Service Commission votes on Georgia Power’s overall strategy, detailed in its Integrated Resources Plan.

This year’s plan calls for 2,260 more megawatts of renewable energy development. Most of that will come from solar expansion. That follows an industry trend toward increased demand for that renewable source. 

On Second Thought host Virginia Prescott spoke with reporters Maggie Lee and Kristi Swartz about Georgia Power's 2019 Integrated Resources Plan.

The plan also touches on hydroelectricity, which accounts for about 2% of Georgia Power’s energy mix. The company is closing three antiquated dams while looking into future investment in the power source.

Freelance reporter Maggie Lee covered the PSC vote on the new plan, and Kristi Swartz reports on the industry for E&E News. They stopped by On Second Thought to discuss the future of Georgia’s energy sources.

They also noted the PSC will be holding hearings this year to consider possible rate hikes for Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light customers.


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