On Second Thought discusses the history of 152 Nassau Street, the site of some of county and blues music's earliest recordings, and why the building is at risk of demolition. The round table discussion is joined by Kyle Kessler, Atlanta architect and preservationist; Lance Ledbetter, co-director of Dust to Digital; Nedra Deadwyler, founder and CEO of Civil Bikes; and Steve Goodson, professor of history at University of West Georgia.

On Second Thought for Monday, July 22, 2019.

A small UGA satellite research laboratory brings together faculty and students with one goal in mind: get a satellite into space. Two launches are planned for this year and the next. On Second Thought was joined by members of the team, David Cotten, Faculty Associate Director of Small Satellite Research Laboratory; Hollis Nicholas Neel, Co-Founder of SPOC Systems Engineer; and Katie Summey, SPOC Payload Lead.  


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