Alice Walker, the author of the The Color Purple, turns 75 this Saturday. The Georgia Writers Museum, a nonprofit organization and exhibit space that educates the public about the state’s rich literary heritage, will host a one-day celebration of Walker’s birthday. Valerie Boyd, editor of Walker’s forthcoming journals, joined On Second Thought to talk about Alice Walker’s legacy.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, July 12, 2019

Depending on who’s talking, Freaknik was a notorious public safety hazard or an annual lovefest that solidified Atlanta’s status as America’s “Black Mecca.” Documentary filmmaker Chris Frierson joined On Second Thought to discuss the event's rise and fall, which is further detailed in his new podcast series, Freaknik: A Discourse on a Paradise Lost.

Walton Energy Membership Corporation is leading the way in solar energy in northeast Georgia. It’s approach to cooperative solar lowers costs for customers and is attracting some big industry contracts, like Facebook’s new data center in Newton County. Greg Brooks, Walton EMC community and public relations director, talks to On Second Thought about solar energy, and how Walton EMC differs from community members that are installing their own panels.


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