On most residentially-zoned lots in American neighborhoods, it is illegal to build anything other than a single-family home. In Sandy Springs, 85% of the residential land allows for only detached, single-family homes. As Savannah updates its historic zoning laws for a modern world, residents of a newer city aren’t all ready for change.

On Second Thought explored the broader implications of the debate over ordinances in Sandy Springs with New York Times’ Writer Emily Badger and Evelyn Andrews of Reporter Newspapers.

On Second Thought for Tuesday, June 25, 2019

How do you BBQ?  The story of barbeque is the story of American history and traditions — or so says author Jim Auchmutey.  Just in time for the start of summer, On Second Thought got to hear about his book, “Smokelore: A Short History of Barbeque in America.” 

The federal government is finally sending Georgia farmers relief funds they desperately need in the wake of Hurricane Michael, but it turns out getting the money could be a complicated and time-consuming process. On Second Thought took a look at the challenges and path forward.


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