Neighbors are still missing their newly retired mailman.

Floyd Martin was a beloved mail carrier who worked the same route in Marietta for nearly 35 years. So beloved, in fact, that when he retired a few weeks ago, the community he served so well started a GoFundMe page to send him to Hawaii. Delta Air Lines pitched in too — providing airfare. 

 On Second Thought for Friday, June 21, 2019

Known as "Mister Floyd" to his Marietta residents, Floyd Martin joined On Second Thought in the studio to reflect on his life and career with the postal service.

Celebrations continue across the country as the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month.

President Bill Clinton declared June as “Gay & Lesbian Pride Month” in 2000. The designation commemorated the Stonewall Riots in Lower Manhattan in June of 1969. Nine years later, President Barack Obama included bisexual and transgender people — the “B” and “T” of LGBT.

Nowadays, rainbow flags are in front yards, tourism posters, along with sponsorship banners and ad campaigns. With brands like Campbell’s Soup, Apple, and Taylor Swift feeling comfortable aligning themselves with Pride, On Second Thought sat down with Georgian members of the LGBTQ community for a conversation about the history of Pride and how corporate commodification has changed the event over time.

When Bryan Rucker and Ryan Bars became step-brothers, they also became a band. Based in Atlanta, The Norm fuses hip-hop, rock and pop, creating a sound far from normal.

Just in time for the summer solstice, The Norm's new single, "Summer Days," is out today. The band is set to perform at AthFest on Saturday, but first, Rucker and Bars stopped by GPB to add two songs to our Georgia Playlist of songs written or performed by a Georgian. Rucker chose OutKast's "Ms. Jackson" and Bars picked "Rubber Band Man" by T.I.


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