Public health is a topic that is generally overlooked until a community experiences a crisis. The CDC Foundation recently launched the second season of its podcast Contagious Conversations, which highlights the issues and innovators of public health today. On Second Thought spoke with podcast host Clair Stinson.

On Second Thought For Monday, June 10, 2019

NPR’s new podcast, White Lies, digs into the cold case of the death of Jim Reeb. The case took place in Alabama in 1965, and the podcast unearths some new perspectives on how The South remembers Jim Crow. We spoke with co-hosts Andrew Beck Grace and Chip Brantley about the case reporting in Selma, Alabama today.

Essential oils are aromatics that have showed up in the news after being ingested by pets and more recently children. We got an update from Georgia Health News CEO and editor Andy Miller about the latest in health news, from the safety concerns surrounding essential oils to the consultations about Medicaid waivers here in Georgia.


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