Farmers caught up in the trade war recently got another bailout from Washington. Meanwhile, hurricane relief funds remain stalled in congress. We get an update on the outlook and mindset of Georgia farmers, and learn how they feel about being shuffled around the political game board.   

Mark Peele is a cotton grower and president of the South Central Georgia Gin Company. He joined On Second Thought on the line from Berrien County, Georgia to talk about the outlook — and mindset — of Georgia farmers. Jeffrey Harvey, director of the Georgia Farm Bureau's Public Policy Department, also joined the conversation from GPB's studio in Macon.

On Second Thought for Monday, June 7, 2019

A deepening voice is awkward for many teens. For singers in boys choirs, it’s even more painful. On Second Thought with Patrick Freer —a Georgia State University professor who guides adolescents through the transition.

The official start of Summer is still weeks away, but already, multiple drowning deaths have been reported in Georgia. Trish Miller is founder of  non-profit, SwemKids. Miller says she's aiming to make swimming safe for everyone.


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