The Final Four is set. Baseball season is on, and, for the first time ever, there's a Masters tournament for women. In the world of esports, hundreds of fans and players gather Saturday at Georgia State University for the PantherLAN tournament.

Georgia State students Aimee Vu and Praful Gade will be there. Vu and Gade, along with esports program coordinator Lucas Bailey, joined "On Second Thought" with the latest on collegiate esports in Georgia.

"On Second Thought" for Friday, April 5, 2019

Take a tour of Film Biz Recycling in Atlanta with The Credits host Kalena Boller. The prop house keeps film leftovers out the landfill and gives them new life in low-budget productions.

White, Georgia, about 45 minutes northwest of Atlanta, is home to a massive junkyard for rare and retired vehicles. What started as a car dealership in 1931 is now the final resting place for more than 4,000 cars. GPB Podcasting Director Sean Powers brings back an audio postcard.

Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me! regular and Georgia native Faith Salie has turned her memoir, Approval Junkie, into a one-woman show. It’s on stage this month at Alliance Theatre. On Second Thought revisits Salie's conversation with GPB's Bill Nigut.


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