GPB's series, "Macon Conversations," brings together folks from different backgrounds to have honest conversations about race. Tonja Khabir and Katie Powers were a part of the series. Khabir is the executive director of the Griffith Family Foundation, which provides grants to programs in the Macon community. Powers is the founder of Macon Book 'Em, a nonprofit that provides books to at-risk communities.

"On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott speaks with Tonja Khabir and Katie Powers.

Khabir and Powers joined "On Second Thought" to discuss their experiences on the series, their understandings of privilege and how they have conversations about race with people in the nonprofit world.

Khabir encouraged white people to examine their privilege and have conversations with their familes and communities.

"In order to dismantle the system [of racism], white people have to do the work," said Khabir.

Powers also encouraged people to listen and learn from other people's experiences.


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