The holiday of romance is near and many people are preparing to celebrate their love with their significant other. Some couples may go to a fancy dinner while others may exchange heartfelt gifts, but a few are breaking tradition of what love looks like.

Nicholas Johnson and Julian Kriest share their modern love stories with "On Second Thought."

Nicholas Johnson, 21, met his wife Lorraine on Tinder during his military stay in northern New York. Johnson was apprehensive about trying online dating, but quickly finding his significant other who wanted the same long-term goals and future changed his perspective of swiping right for love.

Johnson, who is African-American, received some pushback for dating Lorraine, who is white, but people soon realized that their relationship celebrates their similarities and differences while making each other happy and cared for. The couple has no regrets about marrying young or working toward building a sustainable future because they know they're right for each other.

Julian Kriest, 21, met his girlfriend Serenity in an online group chat with his friends. His first words to her were unsavory, but they quickly turned a new leaf and began a relationship shortly after getting to know each other. Serenity lives over 2,000 miles away in California and the first year of their relationship was taxing, causing some tension between the two, but Kriest's eagerness to hold onto their love pushed him to keep going forward.

Despite having trying times, Kriest says Serenity's smile makes their relationship worth the distance. He's visited her several times throughout their relationship and they hope to move together in the near future. In the meantime, Kriest says he wants Serenity to always know that he loves her and will unconditionally fight for her happiness.


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