Today's show featured conversations on the philosophy of sports fandom, youth engagement in religious communities and the new season of FXX's "Archer."

Super Bowl LII is almost here, and with the game come the hopes and dreams of thousands of sports fans. Emory University philosophy professor Erin Tarver is the author of "The 'I' in Team: Sports Fandom and the Reproduction of Identity." She told "On Second Thought" on how winning, losing and belonging shape sports' fans identities.

"On Second Thought" for Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019

A trio of faith leaders also joined the show to discuss how they reach younger generations in their religious communities. We heard from Ann-Henley Saunders from First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, Kim Jackson from All Saints' Episcopal Church in Atlanta, and Wilbur Purvis with Destiny World Church in Austell.

Finally, Atlanta native Amber Nash previewed the new season of FXX's "Archer," where the dysfunctional crew of secret agents is set to go to space. She also discussed her experiences as an ensemble member at Dad's Garage and how her "Archer" character Pam Poovey has evolved over the last decade.


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