Today's show explored the mysteries of the human brain, how workers 55 and older are navigating the job market and opioid misuse among construction workers.

Emory University's Brain Health Center has partnered with GPB to create a new television show, "Your Fantastic Mind." The show's host Jaye Watson joined "On Second Thought" to discuss the upcoming season, which premieres tonight on GPB. It highlights clinical advances in neurology, psychiatry and rehabilitation medicine.

"On Second Thought" for Monday, Jan. 28, 2019

"On Second Thought" also explored the effects of the recession on employment, especially with workers over the age of 55. Carl Van Horn, professor of public policy at Rutgers University, and Bruce Smith, director at the recruiting firm J-Curve, joined the conversation. Jenny Cater, who had first-hand experience with job searching at this stage of her career, also shared her experiences.

Finally, the show explored how the opioid crisis affects construction workers. A study from health researchers found construction workers and people in related fields are six times more likely to die of opioid overdoses than the general population. 

Tim Stephens is a peer recovery coach with the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse. He's been in long-term recovery since 2012. Stephens has also worked in the construction industry. He shared his story about the business and his recovery experience. Laurisa Barthen also joined the conversation. Barthen is the outreach and communications manager with the Georgia Council on Substance Abuse.


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