Today's show explored art and artists in Georgia, from Alliance Theatre's upcoming production of "Ever After" to Brendan O'Connell's paintings that capture the beauty in the mundanity of life.

Alliance Theatre is celebrating their 50th anniversary with a revamped stage and the Atlanta debut of a new musical. The first production of the season is "Ever After," a musical based on the 1998 Drew Barrymore movie that re-imagines the Cinderella fairytale. Alliance Theatre artistic director and director of "Ever After" Susan V. Booth, choreographer JoAnn M. Hunter and lead actor Sierra Boggess all joined "On Second Thought" to discuss the show.

"On Second Thought" for Friday, Jan. 25, 2019

GPB reporter Ross Terrell also discussed his story on Georgia farmer's mental health after the devastation of Hurricane Michael in 2018. Finally, artists Brendan O'Connell shared the inspiration behind his work. He's nicknamed the "Warhol of Walmart" for his paintings of the retail chain and the folks that pass through it every day.


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