The Georgia State Capitol

The Georgia State Capitol

On this edition of Political Rewind, women members of the state senate raise their voices in frustration over committee assignments, and both Democrats and Republicans back a long-time committee chair who was ousted from her seat.

Meanwhile, GOP leaders at the capitol send mixed signals on dealing with sexual harassment as that same ousted chairwoman says she was recently a victim of sexual harassment.

A member of Georgia’s congressional delegation delivers some choice words for his colleagues on both sides of the aisle about the impact the government shutdown is having and could continue to have on the state.  And, as President Trump continues to demand money to build his wall, what is really happening at the southern border?  Is there an immigration crisis as the president and congressional supporters insist?



GPB Capitol Reporter Donna Lowry

AJC Lead Political Reporter Greg Bluestein

PeachPod: A Georgia Politics Podcast Creator and Editor Kyle Hayes

Immigration Attorney Charles “Chuck” Kuck

Republican Strategist Leo Smith