Today's show took a survey of the state, from a blacksmith in Albany to the hidden battle for resources in the American Civil War.

The Civil War calls to mind the epic clash between Union and Confederate soldiers, but skirmishes also took place off the battlefield. The war for food, timber, shelter and control was waged largely on civilians. Historian and Atlanta native Joan Cashin joined "On Second Thought" to discuss her new book, "War Stuff: The Struggle for Human and Environmental Resources in the American Civil War."

"On Second Thought" for Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019

A Georgia mixologist shared his recipes for our "Main Ingredient" series, while blacksmith Trenton Tye discussed his work in the peanut industry near Albany.

We also heard a conversation between Kalena Boller, host of GPB's podcast "The Credits," and Jen Farris, location scout for FX's "Atlanta."


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