Kalena Boller hosts the GPB podcast, The Credits.

Kalena Boller hosts the GPB podcast, The Credits. / Georgia Public Broadcasting

Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how it all comes together?

On my GPB podcast, "The Credits," we'll find out.

My passion for the fascinating and secretive world of filmmaking has been lifelong and deep-rooted. After graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in film, I moved to Atlanta and jumped right into the industry, which continues to grow.

I got my first post-graduate on-set opportunity in June 2005 as an unpaid intern for a T-Payne music video. Nearly 15 years later, I've racked up more than 40 credits to my name.

I work as a location manager, helping productions find the best sports to shoot. As I write this, I am finishing up on the feature film "Sextuplets," set to release on Netflix in 2019.

I am looking around day to day at all the incredible people who make a production like this possible ... from the directors to the actors; to the on-set medics; to the key grips. It is all encompassing. Many of these people are recognized in the credits of a film or TV show, but we never really understand what they do. I am here to bring their stories front and center.

"The Credits" is my love letter to the hardworking people in Georgia's film industry. Join us Fridays, beginning Nov. 9.