Georgia saw record turnout for the November midterms, but, as the state heads into runoff elections on Tuesday, early voting numbers are weak, especially among minorities.

“On Second Thought” invited Adrienne Jones to speak about the upcoming runoff election and voting issues. Jones is a political science assistant professor at Morehouse College. Ari Berman from Mother Jones also joined the conversation.

"On Second Thought" host Virginia Prescott speaks with Adrienne Jones and Ari Berman.

The Secretary of State and Public Service Commission and District 3 seats are on the runoff ticket. John Barrow is the Democratic candidate for Secretary of State. Barrow is an Athens native and former congressman. He faces Republican Brad Raffensperger, state representative from Johns Creek. Chuck Eaton is the Republican candidate for Public Service Commissioner. His opponent is Democratic candidate, Lindy Miller.

District 3 consists of Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton and Rockdale counties, so only voters in those areas can cast a ballot for Public Service Commissioner. Voters across Georgia can participate in the Secretary of State race.


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