In 1981, actor Bruce Campbell first took on "The Evil Dead." The cult hit spawned two sequels, video games, Marvel comic books and a television series. "Ash vs. Evil Dead" airs its season finale later this month. We talked with Campbell last year as he prepared to attend Walker Stalk Con in Atlanta. He shared his thoughts on low budget, his cult star status and getting the chance to reinterpret the title character. 

On Second Thought for Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

"Archer," the FXX animated show, enters its ninth season next week. The show centers on a spy named Sterling Archer. It's produced in Atlanta. Actress Aisha Tyler voices Lana Kane, the lead female character on “Archer.” Lana loves, hates, and cares for Archer, all while beating up the bad guys. Tyler spoke with GPB special correspondent Celeste Headlee last year about "Criminal Minds," "CSI," and being a bona fide geek.