All hour, we look back at some of the best conversations by Celeste Headlee, who stepped down last week as host of On Second Thought. Colin Mochrie may have one of the fastest minds around, and a mouth to match. The comedian is best known for his role on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Audiences in Atlanta can see him live on March 16 at Dad’s Garage.

On Second Thought for Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Every so often, Celeste Headlee and her team tried out new segments. Some would last while others were one hit wonders. In 2016, we began a series called "No Notes." The On Second Thought producers would find a guest who had a great story to tell, but Celeste Headlee didn’t know anything about the guest prior the interview. She would have to figure it out along the way. The first person we featured has a famous voice, but does not have a household name.

Singer-Songwriter Kate Pierson of The B-52’s adds two more songs to our Georgia Playlist, our longest running series. For this regular segment, we ask Georgians connected to the state’s music scene to list their two favorite songs written or performed by other Georgians. Kate chose songs by James Brown and Little Richard.