Henry Winkler, Regina Bradley, Quitman, Opioid overdoses

Ayyyy! Henry Winkler is coming to Georgia this week for the Decatur Book Festival. He’s the co-creator of a popular children’s book series that centers on Hank Zipzer, a young boy with learning difficulties. Henry Winkler joined us to talk about his life and writing.

Regina Bradley, writer and hip-hop scholar, is author of the recently released “Boondock Kollage: New Stories from the Contemporary Black South.” The collection offers 12 short stories chronicling Southern life in the post-civil rights era. Regina joined us earlier this year.

In South Georgia’s Wiregrass Country, a plaque in the town of Quitman marks a hanging place. It’s where, in August of 1864, four men were executed for plotting a slave rebellion. Over the next century, mob violence against African-Americans often erupted in South Georgia. This is where our senior editor Don Smith was born and raised. Don recently went back to his hometown to mark the anniversary of the Civil War hanging, and talk with longtime residents about how they remember the county’s history of racial violence. GPB’s Emily Cureton reports.

Opioid overdoses have wracked Georgia. This summer in Middle Georgia, there were at least 32 reported cases, including three fatalities in June. We discuss the growing drug addiction crisis with Chris Hendry, Chief Medical Officer of Navicent Health. Shannon Gordon, CEO of River Edge Behavioral Health Center in Macon; and writer and neuroscientist Marc Lewis also join us.